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Regulations | Rules

Rules of Conduct :

Rules of conduct as applicable to students joining the course should be strictly followed.

In relation to any clause or section of the prospectus the interpretation of the Government shall be final.

The Rules of Examination, dates of starting and closing of terms etc. stipulated by Goa University fro time to time will be applicable.

Academic Terms & Vacation

   There are two terms in the academic year, each consisting of a minimum of ninety  instructional days. The terms are specified by the Goan University.
     This year the first term commences on 17th June, 2013 and the second term on
21st November, 2013.
The arrangement of terms for the academic year 2013-14 is as follows.


First Term                                                                      17.06.2013 to 30.10.2013
Second term                                                                  21.11.2013 to 3.05.2014
First Periodic Test                                                           21.10.2013 onwards
Second Periodic Test/Preliminary                               1.03.2014 onwards


Practical test in the Second Term                                  15.03.2014
Final Examination                                                           12.04.2014

Vacation :-

Chaturthi                                                                        09/09/2013     to   14/09/2013
Winter                                                                             31/10/2013     to   20/11/2013
Christmas                                                                       24/12/2013     to   01/01/2014
Summer Vacation                                                         05/05/2014     to   14/06/2014

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